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ACW Email Update


Anoka to triple city's street renewal work in 2015


East Bethel council votes to keep dog limit at 2


Blaine 42-home project final plat approved



Blaine approves open space contract


Spring Lake Park gets a little larger


One of Anoka's longest serving elected officials dies at 84


Anoka County praises plans for Main Street property



Coon Rapids approves four drainage projects


New treasurer elected in Linwood



Longtime Anoka-Hennepin board member dies suddenly


Coon Rapids sells bonds at low interest rate



County identifies top 10 community health issues


New snowfall parking ordinance for Blaine



Coon Rapids to bond for street reconstruction



ACW Email Update



Blue enforcement lights installed in Blaine


Anoka approves use for challenged property


Council approves second access for Westwood campus



Cell tower proposal in Coon Rapids park withdrawn


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Welcome to my web site!


I created this website in response to governmental waste and abuse in Anoka County.


Many taxpayers donít know that our local governments spend millions of tax dollars every year on things like public relations teams, lobbyists, and junkets to places like Hawaii.


Since there seemed to be no place to turn for the ďother sideĒ of these issues, I created the Anoka County Watchdog.  My intent is to create a one-stop-shop where concerned taxpayers can find fact-supported information and other resources to counter the governmental machine.  Many people want to confront their elected officials regarding waste and abuse but feel they donít have the information they need to make an effective argument.  This web site offers that information.


Some of our elected officials in Anoka County have become arrogant and unresponsive, forgetting that they work for the very people who put them in office.  Itís high time to hold them accountable for their decisions. 




Harold E. Hamilton





Do you know of any governmental waste, fraud, or abuse, or have any comments about our site?


Send your information to The Watchdog!


"The Anoka County Watchdog prides itself on presenting factual information.  If you see factual errors in any of the information presented here, please inform us, in writing, of the specific factual error.  All errors will be immediately and promptly corrected."


- Harold Hamilton,

Anoka County Watchdog



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